Praise for Welcome to Your Brain:

"An insightful and playful guide to the most mysterious part of the universe -- Welcome to Your Brain unravels some of the fascinating discoveries and puzzles of this marvelous organ."- Dan Ariely, author of Predictably Irrational

"Welcome To Your Brain is a lucid and fascinating journey into the inner life of the mind, an essential manual for one of nature's most amazing technologies. You'll never think about yourself -- or think about thinking -- quite the same way again."- Steven Johnson, author of Mind Wide Open and The Ghost Map

"If all scientists could write like this, professional science writers would be out of a job. Welcome to Your Brain is clear, understandable, entertaining and fascinating. A description of how, in a noisy room, to hear a caller on your cell phone is just one of the many good reasons to buy this book."- Sandra Blakeslee, co-author, The Body Has a Mind of its Own

"People need to know how the brain works. How else can you competently serve on a jury, or vote for what the government should spend money on, or decide what to make of your child having trouble learning to read? But here's the problem: lots of people find science difficult. Welcome to Your Brain is a great solution. Written by two top neuroscientists, it's great on the facts- accurate, up to date, focuses on all the important topics- AND it's crystal clear and witty and irreverent and wonderfully written. This is a terrific book."- Robert Sapolsky, author of Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers

"Welcome to Your Brain is a delightful and engaging romp through neuroscience by two of its leading lights -- a marvelous collection of facts and findings that answer the questions we all have about our own minds. If the human brain came with an owner's manual, it might well look like this."- Daniel Gilbert, author of Stumbling on Happiness

"Sandra Aamodt and Sam Wang pull off a remarkable feat - they turn the enormously complicated field of neuroscience into a light read. Their breezy explanations of our brains' little quirks are as amusing as they are informative...."Welcome To Your Brain"tackles all of the hot-button issues of the field. Are men naturally better at math than women? Is sexual orientation a matter of choice? Do vaccines really cause autism? The answers...are backed up by the latest research and clear explanations with no discernable bias or agenda."- Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Graduates of You: The Owner's Manual who are looking for an informative but accessible introduction to neuroscience will find much food for thought in this lively guide to the mysteries of the brain....Perhaps most the copious practical advice that the authors provide....a terrific user-friendly manual for the body's most complex piece of equipment."- Shelf Awareness